Environment Management

Aspect Impact Analysis :

Every vessel that is recycled at Priya Blue undergoes through a process wherein all the environmental aspect and impact analysis is reviewed by the core team. Then, based on this analysis, the environmental precautions, testing and the environmental control infrastructure is designed as in :

  • Oil Spill Control Mats.
  • Oil Spill Dispersants.
  • Oil Spill Control Booms.
  • Oil Spill Collection Trays.
Cutting on Concrete

Priya Blue’s total plot area consists of 6000 sq. meters of concrete impermeable flooring.

The following are the benefits of concrete area for recycling use :

  • Gas cutting scale doesn’t directly contaminate ground.
  • Is easy to collect and send harmful waste.
  • Accidental oil spillages can be collected effortlessly without polluting the soil.
  • Long-term conservation of soil’s quality.
Oil Removal with Control
  • Complying to MARPOL Annex I requirements, Priya Blue’s Environment & Safety team ensures that all vessels are cleaned from oil or oil based contaminants.
  • It can be collected effortlessly and sent to hazardous waste.
  • Accidental oil spill can be contained without harming the soil.
Environmental Testing

This is a regular process done on the yard for the purpose of supervising and controlling the environmental factors. This includes :

  • Yard Soil Testing.
  • Sea Water Testing.
  • Noise testing during operations.
  • Noise testing during crane, winch and ship operation.
  • Air quality monitoring on yard and asbestos removal room.