About Us

Priya Blue Industries Pvt. Ltd. is India’s largest ship recycling company and also renowned for its ecological perspective with respect to every procedure carried out.

Best Oasis Ltd. (Hong Kong) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Priya Blue Industries Pvt. Ltd and is the cash buying division of the group.

The company is slated to be one of the Top 5 Cash Buyers in the world for ship recycling.

Over 1,528,773 LDT of vessel tonnage has been bought within 4 years of its inception in 2010. The Jhare Viking (83,000LDT). It was the biggest crude oil vessel ever built.

The Exxon Valdez has also been bought and recycled by this exemplary group. The largest passenger vessel SS Blue Lady, ex SS France and ex SS Norway, which contained high level of asbestos, was recycled in compliance with all international norms and standards .

Best Oasis Ltd. has purchased and sold over 120 ships with an aggregate tonnage of 1,500,000 LDT and sales valued at USD 650,000,000.Apart from this, Best Oasis Ltd. is also one of the leading Cash Buyers in the German KG-container market.

At Best Oasis Ltd. there are multiple responsibilities undertaken, like that of a purchaser, seller and financer. There is an experienced team, which keeps an eye on the market and analysis the risk factors.

The ship owners also receive a fair price for their ships and the buyer enjoys the liberty of getting the vessel delivered to their yard, thereby providing them with a hassle free experience.