• Recycled largest passenger vessel “S.S. Blue Lady , ex SS France , ex SS Norway” which contained high quantity of Asbestos. It was recycled in compliance with all international standards.
  • The largest ever Crude Oil Tanker built, "ST MONT" ex “Jahre Viking” ex “Knock Nevis “ having a LDT of 83,598 M.T was recycled at our in-house green ship recycling yard.
  • The total Government Duty we have paid till date is Rupees 2,840,197,714.00
  • We focus on recycling of ULCC, VLOC/VLCC, CAPE Size & Big Liner Passenger vessels.
  • Total Light weight we dismantled till date is 1,199,388.33 LT.
  • Awarded by Gujarat Maritime Board For BEST-MANAGED PLOT.
  • Appreciation Award, For Our Enthusiasm Toward Green Environment And Cleanliness by co-ordination of “Gujarat Pollution Control Board” (GPCB) & “Indian Ship Recycling Industries Association” (SRIA)