About Us

In 1976, Mr. Prataprai Mehta, set up a partnership firm under the name of "Sanjay Trade Corporation". The firm was set up with the objective of Import License and Importing and Exporting various commodities, chemicals, oils, bullion, etc.

Mr. Sanjay Mehta joined the company in 1982. In July 1992 he, entered the Ship Recycling Industry by promoting a Company, Priya Holdings Limited, jointly in association with Mr. Arun Kumar Mehta (Rosy Blue) and his group associates.

Priya Blue Industries Pvt Ltd owns and operates one of the largest ship recycling yard in India. The Company has been allotted for its ship recycling activity, one of the biggest VLCC plots in Sosiya of 6000 sq. meters, an extension of Alang, in the state of Gujarat, India. Furthermore, the Company has acquired about 500,000 Sq. Meters of free hold land opposite the main plot to carry out ship recycling activities including labor quarters. This has increased dismantling and segregating of recycled products, product wise and has sped up dispatches. However, there is enough space left for any other ancillary activities that may be required to further enhance the operations.

  • Priya Blue Industries Pvt. Ltd. had joined hands in the past as selling agents with the renowned M/s. Mitsubishi Corporation Japan, in business of cash buying and has sold 27 Vessels weighing about 500,000.00 LT.
  • The Company has recycled over 50 ships out of which 8 are ULCC's and 7 were VLCC's ships totaling approx. 883,000 tons valued at over US$ 300 Million. Relevant details are annexed. Total LDT over 1.5 million.
  • The group has bought and recycled the legendary vessel "ST MONT / Ex Jahre Viking / Knock Nevis" (83,000 LDT) the biggest vessel ever built. And the world longest passenger vessel "BLUE LADY / Ex – SS Norway / SS France", both of which were recycled as per actual international Green recycling standards at our in-house Green Ship Recycling yard in India.
  • Priya Blue has set up a wholly owned subsidiary Best Oasis Limited in Hong Kong for the sole purpose of Cash Buying of vessels for recycling at Alang, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China.
  • Best Oasis Ltd is one of the Top 3 Cash Buyers in the world for ship recycling, having purchased around 1,500,000 approx LDT of vessel tonnage within 3 years of its inception in 2012. We are also one of the leading Cash Buyers in the German KG-container market.
  • BOL has outperformed industry benchmarks in the past by negotiating over 97 vessels in the duration of just over 2 years.
  • BOL has purchased and sold over hundred of Ships for recycling having an aggregate tonnage of 1,500,000 approx. LDT and sales valued at US $ 700 million.
  • BOL is one the major player from the group of leading 3 cash buyers worldwide.

Today, we are pleased to state that we are the leaders in this industry with the largest exposure in terms of investment and expertise than anybody else.